Alignment of optometry education with the European Diploma 

Below an overview of the alignment process is given. More information in the Guide

Examples: Benchmarking reports sent to ECOO and analysis reports by ECOO

The purpose of benchmarking is to use the provisional opinion as a basis for developing courses to the standard of the European Diploma in Optometry (Diploma). In the OCULUS project this has been used to assess the alignment of the knowledge and competency base of the participants over a three year period. Benchmarking can be used as the basis for considering application for full accreditation of courses as meeting the standard of the Diploma. ECOO’s assessment is the Panel’s opinion on the probable alignment with the knowledge base and competencies of the European Diploma in Optometry based on our analysis of that information.

Examples: Documentation related to optometry alignment with ECOO (Pillar 1 of OCULUS project)